Survivor’s guilt? Overzealous cops? Honest misunderstanding? (*Video*)

I want you to watch these two videos. This guy was a hostage in the Cary bank holdup. When the hostage taker let him go, the cops swarmed him and arrested him very harshly. I know that police (and military hostage rescue teams) will arrest everyone first and sort the innocent from the guilty later. Even knowing that, try watching these two videos and not feel sorry for him and his situation.

You can tell that he blames himself for being unable to save the hostage taker, and part of that is because he identifies himself with the hostage taker. Being the only other black man in the building, he is convinced that had he walked out with one of the other hostages, he’d have been shot. I think he’s wrong, because they only shot the hostage taker when he took an aggressive posture toward his hostage. I’m pretty sure that he’d have just gotten dog piled. Still, there’s no way to know.

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