When grasping for relevance, it helps that you are on every journalist’s speed dial

It must be that the only person outside of some of our legislators who is willing to be quoted in opposition to fixing North Carolina’s gun laws is Roxane Kolar, the Executive Director of North Carolinians against Gun Ownership Violence (NCGV). She must be on the speed dials of journalists across the state. She is quoted in this story about the proposed NC Castle bill. I love the way they describe NCGV’s “mission.”
You get the impression that not even the journalist is fooled about NCGV’s mission.
The law is actually written to protect guys like this
Oh, few and far between! That makes me feel a whole lot better. Not! Why did this guy have to go all the way to the NC Supreme Court to get the court to hear a claim of self defense? You have to wonder why people like Roxane Kolar are so against self-defense. What are they so afraid of? 

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