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New rule – Don’t let felons marry your granddaughter

Domestic violence is disgraceful, far beyond other crimes. When you make a commitment to another person, the fact that you don’t like them anymore doesn’t permit you to take their life.
I bet you are wondering, what sort of person decides to shoot his estranged wife in the head, steal a backhoe, and dig a hole in which to bury her.
Well wonder no more. (Keep scrolling down)
The anti-gunners keep telling us that victims usually know their murderer. They keep hyping the level of domestic violence in this country, and the use of guns in domestic violence. Here’s a newsflash for everyone. Felons have families too.
The murdered girl (who was 19 at the time of the murder) left two children behind. Now they are 2½ and 3½ years old.  At the time of the murder they would have been 6 months and 18 months old. This means that the first child was born before the victim was 18. So here we have a multiple felon who’d been to prison 4 times for a total of 20 months taking up with a 16 or 17 year old girl. He would have been 23 or 24.  They lived with her grandparents, the Woods.

Didn’t work out too well.
UPDATE: According to this story, the oldest child was not his. The youngest was.

Sexual assault on NC State campus

Here’s the headline about a recent sexual assault on NC State Campus here in Raleigh
Oh, thanks. A class on screaming and shouting.
The best tool to empower a woman against sexual assault is the one that NC Law bans on all educational property, including colleges. You know what would put a stop to campus rape? A big sign near the entrances that said,
“Warning, Students, Staff, and Faculty may be armed. Don’t try to rape, rob, or murder here. You’ll just get shot.”

How to learn math without pulling your hair out (*Video*)

So, let’s say you’re an adult that quit math in college when calculus got so complex that you were sure that you were better off sleeping through class and saving the aggravation. You haven’t done any math since then, 20 years ago. How would you go about learning some math without paying money and then facing the aggravation of going to class and learning at someone else’s pace?
Let’s say that you are a parent of a child that has to learn math in school. They hate it. Or they are so far advanced that the class is boring. Or any of a large number of reasons that they are not happy with the regular school math class. Where would you take them that wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg and add another thing on your crowded schedule?
You absolutely have to try this. This guy is an accidental genius. Watch this video, and then log in. everything from 1+1=2 all the way up to stuff that I have never seen before. Log your kids in and let them teach themselves math.

Restaurants and Park Carry (HB111) Passes NC House

HB111, Restaurant and Park Carry, passed the NC House today. Time to call the Senators and get this passed and on to the Governor.
Full text of the amended bill when it gets posted.

Who was that poor victim?

Sumdood took a few potshots at another person in Fayetteville Monday.
They haven’t caught the shooter, but who was the guy that got shot?
No felonies, but what sort of person gets convicted of carrying a concealed weapon at the age of 20? Wrong place at the wrong time? Or was it something else?

Fourth Grader suspended for making Sharpie shanks

Is this another adventure in zero tolerance?
A North Carolina elementary school student accused of making and selling weapons at school has been suspended and is facing charges.

Judging by the statements of the Onslow County Sheriff, this will all probably be resolved with a parent/student conference wherein the parent explains to the student why this behavior is unacceptable. I suspect a fourth grader is going to get a spanking rather than criminal charges.
These shanks look a bit like some of the crap my brother and I used to pull when we were that age. I wouldn’t make that big a deal about it, but I wouldn’t let it go either. I think that a good spanking should suffice.

Shot dead at a strip mall

Another tragic shooting by a law abiding teen?
Nope. Not really a surprise to find out that the sort of person who’d shoot someone at a strip mall has a felony record. Maybe he should have gotten more than probation for felony B&E after his last stint in the pokey for the same thing.

Are Concealed Carriers violent?

Recently I asked the Wake County Sheriff’s Office about the 50 Concealed Handgun Permits that have been revoked between December 1995 and June 2010, out of a total of 12,826 issued. Today I received a complete list of all the revoked permits. I have complete names and reasons for 39 of the 50, and a last name with no reason for the other 11. I won’t be passing on the actual names, but I can reveal the reasons that the permits were revoked. Despite what Joyce Foundation drones like Violence Policy Center may have told you, killing someone doesn’t seem to be a normal reason to revoke a CHP.
These numbers don’t add up to 39 because a few had two reasons listed.
6 were revoked due to a domestic violence protective order. Judging by the names, 2 were females.
4 revoked for Alcohol related reasons
6 more for Driving While Intoxicated
*1 had a weapon on an educational property
6 revoked for drug charges
1 for possession of drug paraphernalia
3 For assault on a female
1 Assault
*1 Assault by pointing a gun
2 for mental reasons
1 lied on application about mental commitment
*1 for carrying a concealed weapon into a courthouse
1 was determined to be an illegal alien
1 more was found not to be a citizen
2 “Pending criminal charges”
2 “Charged with a Felony”
*1 Aiding and Abetting possession of a firearm by a felon
And finally, 1 charged with Treason. (WRAL says he’s been charged with one count each of conspiring to provide resources to terrorists and conspiring to murder, kidnap and injure persons abroad)
One guy had his permit revoked because the ATF investigated him, got it reinstated, revoked again, and finally reinstated. He apparently still has it. Good for him.
If we count the number of people whose permits were revoked because of misconduct involving a weapon, the total number is four.
I used the Department of Corrections website to look up each name and of 39 people I found 7 convictions. 3 DWI, 2 Drugs, 1 Assault on a female, and 1 attempted 2nd Degree Kidnapping.
So to sum up,
CHPs issued in Wake County
Total convictions for violent crime?

This is why we win (*Video*)

Local coverage of the Big Sandy machine gun shoot

This is why we win. Can you imagine having this kind of fun at an Anti-gun Range? Since gun control is based upon lies like “Every Handgun Is Aimed at You,” every time another person gets exposed to the truth, these lies lose their power. A bunch of redneck yahoos ill trained and dangerous to everyone?
Whoops. The truth slipped out. What are the anti-gunners going to do now?

Mob violence and the Social Contract

John at Powerline Blog pointed out today, in reference to the London riots, that
This is more true that he can explain. He quotes another story which talks about the head of the Police union
This is the end of the government. Full stop. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.
The purpose of a police force is to enforce enough order to convince the majority of the population that the government is living up to its end of the social contract. The social contract that we have with our government is that we will give up our right for private vengeance for public justice.
We have given up private vengeance, now the government has to provide public justice. What the ordinary Brits are facing is the realization that they have given up much more than private vengeance. They’ve given up self defense. They’ve given up any semblance of personal and property security. And yet still, the government has not provided them public justice.
If the police forces will not end the rioting, and if indeed they are in sympathy with “anarchists” protesting the withering away of the state, then what prevents the ordinary citizens from deciding that their social contract has been broken and they should no longer be bound by it? What stops counter-mobs from sweeping down on the “anarchists” and slaughtering them? What prevents mobs of angry Brits from seizing suspected criminals and lynching them? Most importantly, what prevents angry mobs of Brits from seizing the politicians who built this untenable state of affairs and hanging them from any convenient sturdy structure? That’s the thing to remember. Once the people decide that there’s no benefit any more to pretending that the social contract binds them they won’t stop until they are either dead or enslaved, or all their enemies are dead.
Here in America, the police aren’t that much better armed than the ordinary people. It’d be less hand to hand and more running gun battle. It’d be a mess. There never was an attempt to raise enough police forces to control the whole country. They only have enough people to keep the criminals well enough in check so that the screaming of the population doesn’t get too loud. They could not control an entire society out of control, nor even a significant portion that decides that the social contract is broken. If, as the police union leader in Wisconsin suggests, the police take the side of disorder even passively, it will get very ugly. Mobs cannot be allowed to trump actual voting.
I would sincerely recommend that the people in leadership here and abroad decide if they really want to allow mobs to enforce their will on the rest of us. They may agree with the mobs, but will they agree with the backlash? More importantly, do they agree enough to willingly share the fate of the mob? Once we start fighting, we won’t stop until it’s over. Completely over.
I’m willing to follow the laws when the laws are enforced fairly. I’m willing to vote when I’m confident that my vote will be counted and that the majority wins. I’m willing to be peaceful as long as the peace is kept by others. But if you give me no peace, unfair application of the laws, and my vote is nullified by an angry mob, why should I be peaceful? Why should anyone?