Someone shows some sense

In the wake of the unintentional shooting of a kid at a slumber party, someone thought, hey, maybe if we taught kids about guns, they wouldn’t act so stupidly around them.
This is such a sensible idea that I’m sure that the entire board of the Brady Campaign is having heart palpitations as we speak. In my mind, nothing teaches children not to screw around with dangerous things like showing them exactly how dangerous they can be. Next step, take them all to the range. Who knows, the next JJ Racaza or Julie Goloski-Golob might be among them.

One response to “Someone shows some sense

  1. Weird, the anti-gunners have no gun safety education program, but is all about safety and “saving lives”. The NRA has the Eddie Eagle safety course.

    Hmmmm, I think the NRA likes to keep people safe, unlike the clowns at whatever anti-gun organization(s) that existed.

    Weird, eh?

    Oh yeah, picked up a mint Ruger P89 for three bills. Will be taking some newbies out to shoot it.