The NC branch of the NEA beclowns itself (*Video*)

So on Friday, the local branch of the National Education Association, the NC Association of Educators, held themselves a little protest rally. They dressed up in red t-shirts and marched around the Raleigh Convention Center. Nowhere near the NC General Assembly. On a Friday. When the Representatives and Senators were home.
First from WRAL

And second from NBC17

Let’s talk about this. Who’s the idiot that thought that lobbying the NCGA on a Friday, in the wrong place, when they weren’t even in town made a whole lot of sense? This was a rally made for the cameras, and even the media wasn’t buying it. The teachers educators want you to know “how hard they work.” My answer has always been the same. It isn’t the effort that’s important. It’s the product. When you produce a crap product, you should get fired. And finally, who thought that having a drum and chanting circle, minus the drums, was a good idea? How many parents would be proud if their teacher educator was standing in a circle with other teachers educators clapping and chanting about “respect?” It doesn’t make me want to respect them. It makes me want to point and laugh. The TV news had to know that they were holding these teachers educators up to ridicule.
In the end, I think that the only thing that will work is for the State to get out of the education industry entirely. I’ve got no problem with my tax dollars going to teach kids. I think that the best solution would be for each kid to get a set amount of money from the state government and be told to find a school that is acceptable. I don’t personally care if they take the money to the local public school, take it to a richy-rich private school, or mom teaches the kid at the dining room table.
We need to stop viewing the school system as a jobs program for teachers. We need to start looking at how much money we are spending and deciding if we are getting our money’s worth.
Judging by this piece of propaganda filmed by a Kannapolis high school, no, we aren’t.

Here are two views of the event
First from WRAL

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