One Line Review: Sucker Punch (*Video*)

Zack Snyder makes beautiful women live in your fantasy world; you know, the fantasy world with machine guns, skimpy clothing, loud music, and a demon samurai with a minigun.

Bonus extra question for the comments section. Does Rocket really exist? Or is she just Sweet Pea’s alternate personality?

2 responses to “One Line Review: Sucker Punch (*Video*)

  1. Actually, I’m starting to wonder if ALL the other girls were just alternate personalities of Sweet Pea.

    Sweet Pea has multiple personality disorder, Rocket was the personality that took the (probably sexual) abuse from the father, Blondie (who was dark haired) was quiet, took the pain, Amber was the one who tried to keep the other personalities safe and away from the father, thus in the fantasy world she always flew top cover – the Mech, the B-24, Huey…

    In the end, the story turns out not to be about Baby Doll, the sweet little girl with the plans, but about Sweet Pea, the dominant personality, who we saw early in the show, on stage, wearing Baby Doll’s wig, about to get lobotomized.

    This story is about Sweet Pea losing all of her other personalities and getting out of or escaping a mental hospital.

  2. I think you are giving the movie too much intellectual credit…