Are Concealed Carriers violent?

Recently I asked the Wake County Sheriff’s Office about the 50 Concealed Handgun Permits that have been revoked between December 1995 and June 2010, out of a total of 12,826 issued. Today I received a complete list of all the revoked permits. I have complete names and reasons for 39 of the 50, and a last name with no reason for the other 11. I won’t be passing on the actual names, but I can reveal the reasons that the permits were revoked. Despite what Joyce Foundation drones like Violence Policy Center may have told you, killing someone doesn’t seem to be a normal reason to revoke a CHP.
These numbers don’t add up to 39 because a few had two reasons listed.
6 were revoked due to a domestic violence protective order. Judging by the names, 2 were females.
4 revoked for Alcohol related reasons
6 more for Driving While Intoxicated
*1 had a weapon on an educational property
6 revoked for drug charges
1 for possession of drug paraphernalia
3 For assault on a female
1 Assault
*1 Assault by pointing a gun
2 for mental reasons
1 lied on application about mental commitment
*1 for carrying a concealed weapon into a courthouse
1 was determined to be an illegal alien
1 more was found not to be a citizen
2 “Pending criminal charges”
2 “Charged with a Felony”
*1 Aiding and Abetting possession of a firearm by a felon
And finally, 1 charged with Treason. (WRAL says he’s been charged with one count each of conspiring to provide resources to terrorists and conspiring to murder, kidnap and injure persons abroad)
One guy had his permit revoked because the ATF investigated him, got it reinstated, revoked again, and finally reinstated. He apparently still has it. Good for him.
If we count the number of people whose permits were revoked because of misconduct involving a weapon, the total number is four.
I used the Department of Corrections website to look up each name and of 39 people I found 7 convictions. 3 DWI, 2 Drugs, 1 Assault on a female, and 1 attempted 2nd Degree Kidnapping.
So to sum up,
CHPs issued in Wake County
Total convictions for violent crime?

3 responses to “Are Concealed Carriers violent?

  1. But… but… but… it does not matter what those pistol-packing cowboy-wannabes did, it matters what they could do, and they could KILL US ALL!!!11!!1!!!


    In all seriousness, Florida has been tracking statistics like these ever since they started offering permits, and the percentages line up to be about the same… Go figure.

  2. Under NC law, would a simple failure to renew cause a CHP to be revoked?

  3. @auritech: no. It expires, but that’s not the same as revoked.