Fourth Grader suspended for making Sharpie shanks

Is this another adventure in zero tolerance?
A North Carolina elementary school student accused of making and selling weapons at school has been suspended and is facing charges.

Judging by the statements of the Onslow County Sheriff, this will all probably be resolved with a parent/student conference wherein the parent explains to the student why this behavior is unacceptable. I suspect a fourth grader is going to get a spanking rather than criminal charges.
These shanks look a bit like some of the crap my brother and I used to pull when we were that age. I wouldn’t make that big a deal about it, but I wouldn’t let it go either. I think that a good spanking should suffice.

2 responses to “Fourth Grader suspended for making Sharpie shanks

  1. Was this kid in prison at age three?
    I am a former corrections officer.
    I have see many shanks in my day

  2. @fuzzys dad: So what do you think, were these up to standards? I was pretty impressed with the craftsmanship. For a fourth grader.