How to learn math without pulling your hair out (*Video*)

So, let’s say you’re an adult that quit math in college when calculus got so complex that you were sure that you were better off sleeping through class and saving the aggravation. You haven’t done any math since then, 20 years ago. How would you go about learning some math without paying money and then facing the aggravation of going to class and learning at someone else’s pace?
Let’s say that you are a parent of a child that has to learn math in school. They hate it. Or they are so far advanced that the class is boring. Or any of a large number of reasons that they are not happy with the regular school math class. Where would you take them that wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg and add another thing on your crowded schedule?
You absolutely have to try this. This guy is an accidental genius. Watch this video, and then log in. everything from 1+1=2 all the way up to stuff that I have never seen before. Log your kids in and let them teach themselves math.

One response to “How to learn math without pulling your hair out (*Video*)

  1. He’s a little grandiose in his vision, but that’s not a bad thing. Very impressive, seems like it just might work–or at least work better than the current lowest common denominator style of teaching.