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Doctors are not trained in that is a hive of suck and fail. It’s basically useless except for finding the latest irrelevant web ads. Imagine my surprise when I find this foolish screed from a pediatrician who is incensed that he isn’t invited to give his ignorant advice about guns to parents.
Now no one comes to me asking if that pesky chest pain is heartburn or a heart attack. Who would be stupid enough to ask (or listen) to a doctor about gun safety? Now consider what the American Academy of Pediatrics considers good gun advice
·         Do not purchase a gun, especially a handgun.  
·         Remove all guns present in the home.  
·         Talk to your children about the dangers of guns, and tell them to stay away from guns.  
·         Find out if there are guns in the homes where your children play. If so, talk to the adults in the house about the dangers of guns to their families.  
Luckily, no doctor has ever been stupid enough to try to talk to me about guns. My current doctor is a flaming libertarian. I think he has his own Wookie suit. I have a ready answer if ever run into the other sort of doctor.
Malpractice insurance is a bitch.

CSGV takes ball, goes home

So what happens when you lie on Twitter? You get slapped down hard. What happens when you’re outnumbered on Twitter 10 to 1 and you lie? You get bitch slapped hard, fast, and often.
The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Ownership has spent quite a bit of time making up stupid things to say on Twitter, and various gun bloggers have had a fun time slapping them down. Well CSGV couldn’t have that. Today, the first day of the NRA Convention, after spending a lot of time calling for a “GunConversation,” they just blocked us. I guess they didn’t like what we had to say.

Here’s a clue-by-four. If your claim is that gun owners are a small minority, and that gun control supporters are a large majority, you shouldn’t be outnumbered in blogs and on Twitter by several orders of magnitude. It’s one thing to be a fringe wacko. It’s quite another to be a fringe wacko who’s being an obnoxious ass while trying to infringe on other people’s rights.
On a side note, if you want, you can follow me on Twitter. I’m not very good at argument by haiku, but it’s entertaining.

Well it didn’t take this guy long to screw up

For the last week or so, Fayetteville was plagued by the “Box cutter Bandit”
So how did the cops get their suspect?
As I’ve said, leopards don’t change their spots. He was out less than a year before he got back to his old ways.

So let me get this straight. They sentenced this guy to a pretty stiff 45 years, but they let him out after only 18 years? Less than half?

Two criminals with the same name?

Naturally the gun grabbers will blame the gun for this one
They’ll blame the gun, but what about the wielder?
Undoubtedly they will say that preventing honest citizens from owning guns will somehow magically keep thugs from raping students.
The story identifies the rapist as being 17. Strangely there is another person with the exact same name in the same county, who is 37. Are they misidentifying him? Or is this other person the accused’s father?

Is this guy 17? Or 37?

A good addition to the “More Women Carrying” meme

While I think that anyone who intentionally uses the term “Packing Heat” should be paddled severely by the League for the Elimination of Stupid Phrases, this article paints a pretty nice story.
Real Estate agents are in a uniquely dangerous situation. They are isolated inside empty houses with unknown people. I am pretty sure that the agent that showed me this house had a pistol in her purse. The next door neighbor had an intact male pit bull loose in his front yard with no one watching it. My agent made it clear that she was able to handle it should that become necessary. Since she was 5’4” 120 lbs, and lacking in any obvious dog wrestling skills, I assume that meant that I wasn’t the only one carrying a pistol.
Look at this photo.
Anyone who would deny these ladies a fighting chance is a heartless bastard, and no better than the thugs and criminals who would attack them.
This is why we win.

Update: Mr. Neck Tattoo who can’t shoot straight has been captured

A happy update on our idiotically tattooed shooting suspect from yesterday.
We’ve already discussed the shooter’s previous record.
Here’s the victim’s record. What do I keep telling people? Most murders are drug related. Luckily for the victim, he survived unscathed.

Not a felon. I wonder why not.

It looks like this clown finally succeeded in committing a felony.
He’s apparently a one man crime wave.

Anyone from the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill Area going to the NRA convention?

Is anyone from the Triangle going to the NRA Convention? I have something that needs to carried up there, but I can’t go.

If you are going, please email me and we can discuss arrangements.

Gun leaps up and attempts murder!

It must have been the gun’s fault. Why else would an 18 year old be in trouble for attempted murder?
We need to quickly blame the gun here and don’t let anyone look at the records of the accused or the victim.
Don’t tell anyone.

With a tattoo like that, you know he’s up to no good

Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office is looking for another choir boy who, in a fit of road rage, snapped and fired his gun at another motorist.
Just look at this photo. You can clearly see that he is a fine, upstanding youth. It’s hard to imagine that someone with such a sweet face could possibly be involved in such a heinous crime.
This just goes to show that guns, in the hands of motorists, leads to violence.  The evil gun lobby is directly responsible for this yute possessing a firearm. After all, why else would a simple disagreement between honest citizens lead to shooting?