Engineering without a license fight heats up (*Video*)

Well, I thought that the whole “engineering without a license” thing had ended when it was reported that no charges were filed. Not so fast. Watch this video from my friend, Jackie Faye.

It’s not that the “study” wasn’t practicing engineering without a license, it’s that they couldn’t figure out who exactly to pin it on.
I hope that the lawyer sues their pants off. Then I want to see them paraded around the old Capital Building in their underwear. By then we should have the tar and feathers ready.
Let’s hear what the Engineer who started this whole thing has to say
Yep, a really big barrel of tar and every pillow in the city of Raleigh. 

One response to “Engineering without a license fight heats up (*Video*)

  1. Eric Dailey

    I get humor and literary device, but I have to wonder if you mean to actually recommend tar and feathers. You are a serious writer and there may be problems with the remedy you suggest. I suspect that a feather party would be a mob action rather than due process and who wants to see that? Not to mention our agreement against cruel and unusual punishment. Maybe we need to understand the injury that results from tar and a rail ride. Don’t forget that what goes around can come around.

    BTW these news videos tend to portray the lawyers as white knights who will save the poor oppressed victims of BIG GUV’MENT. To the contrary it is the lawyers who have hijacked and monopolized justice and self-rule. There are so many Courtroom tricks to ambush citizens trying to settle plain grievances before their fellows that lawyers have made us all hostage to their extortion. There was a long time when folks in this Country could call out their neighbors and present their case and expect a decent opinion. Almost like a Blog in the flesh. Not now. As always thanks for your work.