New NC Bill targets Furious Mike* and The Alchemist*

John at No Lawyers- Only Guns and Money has a link up about a new Pro-rights bill that appears to specifically target those people who go to gun shows, lie about who and what they are, videotape the transaction, and then hold out their lies as proof that our gun laws aren’t strict enough.
*Furious Mike – Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of NYC
*The Alchemist – Colin Goddard, who has taken the lead of his attackers bullets and transmuted it into the gold of a Joyce Foundation anti-gun paycheck.

8 responses to “New NC Bill targets Furious Mike* and The Alchemist*

  1. +1 for “The Alchemist”

    I despise Goddard for his cowardly, lying ways, and for the blood-soaked paycheck that he accepts from the Brady Bunch. Hiding under his desk doesn’t make him a hero, and it shames the memory of brave men like Liviu Lebrescu

  2. Thanks for the link. LOL about Goddard being The Alchemist.

  3. @John: I swiped the term from someone else. I think it was Kurt Hoffman who started it.

  4. Thanks for helping popularize the “Alchemist” name for Goddard. Don’t forget to enjoy my magnificent PhotoShop skills, though ;-).

  5. @Kurt: Wow. I had no idea you were so talented. I had assumed that we Airborne types were uniformly untalented hacks 😉


  6. Yeah, well, modesty generally dictates that I not boast too loudly about my mad skillz with PhotoShop, but my pride sometimes cannot be denied ;-).

    Good to talk to a paratrooper, although my airborne days are shrouded in the mists of antiquity. Now, I’m wheelchAirborne.

    All the way!

  7. Mists of Antiquity! Damn your eyes! I was there about the same time as you(90-94), and I’m not old! Really! It was only like yesterday, or the day before…

  8. Ah–hadn’t realized that you were a graybeard, too.

    Good–now I can stop worrying about hiding my Geritol habit from you.