With a tattoo like that, you know he’s up to no good

Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office is looking for another choir boy who, in a fit of road rage, snapped and fired his gun at another motorist.
Just look at this photo. You can clearly see that he is a fine, upstanding youth. It’s hard to imagine that someone with such a sweet face could possibly be involved in such a heinous crime.
This just goes to show that guns, in the hands of motorists, leads to violence.  The evil gun lobby is directly responsible for this yute possessing a firearm. After all, why else would a simple disagreement between honest citizens lead to shooting?

4 responses to “With a tattoo like that, you know he’s up to no good

  1. Think we should just ban all automobiles.

    Afterall, I haven’t heard of that many thugs using bicycles for ride-by killings.

  2. @BobS: Not in the USA, but I know of one in England. With a machine gun.


    Cycle by random machine gunning. Because gun control works so well.

  3. I’m posting because how you gonna say with a tattoo like that he’s no good. He’s fine maybe if the POLICE did something about when they shot him but he always the bad guy huh. M.o.B is man of Business DUMBASS

  4. Well, he has a further 12-15 years to consider his criminal choices in life, along with any future tattoos he might like to get. Incidentally, Urban Dictionary says that it actually means “Member of Bloods,” but Tupac liked to tell people that it meant “Money Over Bitches.”

    For a quick primer on how normal people think about tattoos,