A good addition to the “More Women Carrying” meme

While I think that anyone who intentionally uses the term “Packing Heat” should be paddled severely by the League for the Elimination of Stupid Phrases, this article paints a pretty nice story.
Real Estate agents are in a uniquely dangerous situation. They are isolated inside empty houses with unknown people. I am pretty sure that the agent that showed me this house had a pistol in her purse. The next door neighbor had an intact male pit bull loose in his front yard with no one watching it. My agent made it clear that she was able to handle it should that become necessary. Since she was 5’4” 120 lbs, and lacking in any obvious dog wrestling skills, I assume that meant that I wasn’t the only one carrying a pistol.
Look at this photo.
Anyone who would deny these ladies a fighting chance is a heartless bastard, and no better than the thugs and criminals who would attack them.
This is why we win.

One response to “A good addition to the “More Women Carrying” meme

  1. Absolutely and without question! Why should those who do not intend to obey the law be the only ones who are armed?