Not a felon. I wonder why not.

It looks like this clown finally succeeded in committing a felony.
He’s apparently a one man crime wave.

One response to “Not a felon. I wonder why not.

  1. This was my baby brother that he killed for NO REASON! Not only did he take a life of an innocent person but he also put so much hurt and pain in my entire family hearts. I’m sure this was not his first crime!
    I will pray for him… I pray that he gets raped while in prison. I pray that someone close to him passes away while he’s in prison and he will not be able to attend the funeral. I pray that no one will send him money for his commissary. I pray that he rots in hell!
    I want him to feel all the hurt and pain that my family and I are feeling.
    I just will never understand how people in this world can take an innocent life and be okay with it!