Doctors are not trained in that is a hive of suck and fail. It’s basically useless except for finding the latest irrelevant web ads. Imagine my surprise when I find this foolish screed from a pediatrician who is incensed that he isn’t invited to give his ignorant advice about guns to parents.
Now no one comes to me asking if that pesky chest pain is heartburn or a heart attack. Who would be stupid enough to ask (or listen) to a doctor about gun safety? Now consider what the American Academy of Pediatrics considers good gun advice
·         Do not purchase a gun, especially a handgun.  
·         Remove all guns present in the home.  
·         Talk to your children about the dangers of guns, and tell them to stay away from guns.  
·         Find out if there are guns in the homes where your children play. If so, talk to the adults in the house about the dangers of guns to their families.  
Luckily, no doctor has ever been stupid enough to try to talk to me about guns. My current doctor is a flaming libertarian. I think he has his own Wookie suit. I have a ready answer if ever run into the other sort of doctor.
Malpractice insurance is a bitch.

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  1. I find it funny that they are upset because they can no longer talk about gun safety they state that it is the leading accidental cause of childhood death in the home which anyone who takes a look at the statistics and see that they are stretching them to meet their needs. If memory serves me correctly household chemicals pose a greater danager to children than guns. Not to mention the fact that the death rate of children from guns is going down. Appears to be a instances where they (Doctors)believe that since they have MD following their name know better than everyone else.

  2. I’ve added a comment listing some other, far more deadly, accidental causes of death.

  3. I posted as well it was nice of you to add the statistics I was talking about in my earlier post here it is very obvious that they are pushing a anti-gun agenda

  4. Remember–it’s not wrong, unethical or illegal if they do it.

  5. The only time a medical doctor should talk to a person about gun safety is if he is also a licensed shooting instructor.

  6. I am Sith.
    Gun control is being able to hit your target.