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He “needed to make some money”

I don’t know about you, but every time I use a gun it costs me money. Bullets, range time, and gas to get there all cost money. I’ve never thought about my gun as a way to make money. Not so for this person.

As is usual in cases like these, the sort of person who thinks taking money from others at gunpoint usually has some other run-ins with the law.
Keep this in mind when people tell you that “it’s only money.” Sometimes the robber wants your life too.

North Carolina now importing our criminals?

On Friday morning, and hospital executive was murdered in a Charlotte neighborhood. This morning, the Charlotte Observer reported that they had a suspect in custody.
Strangely, the accused doesn’t have a long record.
Bear in mind, he’s 18. I don’t know if he really does not have a record, or if the fact that he’s just now turned 18 means all his previous run ins with the law are as a juvenile. I’m sure that will come out soon enough.
One of the interesting things about this story is that the Observer makes note of the suspect’s Facebook page.
I’ve looked at that page, and you owe it to yourself to give it a look before his lawyer sanitizes it. I’ve copied some photos for your enjoyment.
the mug shot

the FaceBook profile photo

His Squad Boiz

It looks like he had the wrong sort of friends. Look at the photos on his Facebook page, and read the comments. What a mess.
About the only thing good about this story is that the suspect doesn’t appear to be a member of the Mecklenburg County catch and release program that brought us Mr. 31 and the accused child assaulter. As commenter GeneDunn said to me today in an email,
Well, at least he wasn’t another in the long line of Mecklenburg county criminal re-treads.

Dad comes to the rescue in South Carolina (*Video*)

You can see that the Sheriff is still a bit stunned by this one.

It’s a wild story, and the case isn’t yet closed. The story so far, ex-boyfriend shows up at ex-girlfriend’s house wearing camo, carrying a gun. He drags ex out to barn, beats her and points a gun at her head. Roommate charges in and shoots, gets hit in the leg. Girlfriend’s father rushes in, puts rounds into head and body of attacker, ends fight.
Watch the video.

Does this gun make me look fat?

Dressing for success is a bit more difficult when you’re lugging around a lump of metal on one hip and a full reload on the other. The Vuurwapen Blog is asking what Arc’teryx gear he should look at. Now I like the look of some of the Arc’teryx stuff. It’s probably the thing to wear if you’re some sort of hard core soldier from a military unit known only by acronyms or numbers. Unfortunately, I’m not only fat and out of shape, the furthest I get into the wilderness is the field on my friend’s farm. I need clothes that will blend with a different sort of background.
I don’t go too much into my job here on my blog, but I will tell you that I work for an insurance company and I do inspections. This means that my daily pants wear is black cargo pants. It’s great for carrying a flashlight and pen. I wear Wrangler cargo pants, purchased for less than $20 each at Wal-Mart. I carry (off the job, of course) in an IWB rig, so in the summer I just wear untucked polo shirts. Because I don’t particularly like a rough textured pistol grip grinding my skin off, I’ve taken to wearing a white undershirt, just like dad wears. He’d be proud that I’ve finally come around to wearing an undershirt. In winter, a long sleeve shirt plus a sweatshirt of some type and I’m set. I try not to wear a jacket over a loose sweatshirt, because that makes too many layers to fight with to access my pistol. I have to decide whether it’s jacket or sweatshirt.
Essentially, what I’ve found is that I have basically come around to the exact sort of clothing described by Caleb Giddings in his January 2008 post, Metro-Tactical. What sort of clothing do the rest of you wear?

Does plea bargaining lead to murder?

There’s a really weird case going on in Durham right now. Overshadowed by the far more telegenic Nancy Cooper murder case, is the Jadon Higganbothan murder investigation.
This family is being labeled a cult, for obvious reasons,
I’ve got no particular problem with people choosing their family structure. It’s when it leads to murder that I have a problem.
What bothered me about this whole thing is that no matter where I looked, I couldn’t find the “cult” leader in the DOC files. It looks like the reporters figured out who he was.
Sexual abuse of a 12 year old is nothing like “assault on a female.” In 2004, the accused was 20 or 21 years old. Taking indecent liberties with a child, probably the least offense you could be charged with for sexual abuse of a 12 year old is a Class F felony. Instead he was allowed to plead to a Class 1 misdemeanor.
It is pretty well documented what sort of people end up as cult leaders. Was this guy one of them? Was this arrest and guilty plea in 2004 a missed opportunity to identify a psychopathic murderer? We may never know.

Economic reasons? Or something broken in the moral circut?

Armed robbery. Was he an honest citizen who snapped due to the sagging economy?
The first character was only 18! How could he be pushed so far at such a tender age?

Oh. Maybe a better question is “how does an 18 year old have so many felony convictions?” Another good question would be “why would a person with so many felony convictions only receive a total of 13 months in prison?”
If the previous Judges had done their job, this clown would still be in prison. He only got released after his short little stint on February 10th of this year. I get the impression that he’s not one who will reform himself.

Remember that it’s only property. Just give him what he wants. (*Video*)

A mother’s day visit last year ended in a double murder.
And what did the killer want when he knocked on the door that day?

Now, a year later, he’s pled guilty to two counts of first degree murder, and will spend the rest of his life in jail.
And what sort of person is our murderer?
This kind. Keep scrolling down.

What chance did two elderly women have against a 28 year old man? He wanted their property. He also took their lives.  

Where I went on Saturday

My wife and I took my mother-in-law and my nephew to a friend’s farm. We saw things like this.
Despite what you might think, they don’t stink. And they grow up to be the best pork you’ve ever eaten. So if you ever get to the Raleigh Farmer’s Market, stop by MAE Farm Meats. You won’t be disappointed.
FTC disclaimer: I receive no compensation of any kind for plugging my friend’s farm. We pay full price for whatever we buy. Don’t let that stop you from puckering up and kissing my backside.

Standoff with police

What causes a person to have a standoff with the police?
Oh my! Luckily, they were able to defuse the whole thing without gunfire. What brought them to the door?
Wow. So what led up to this charge?
Click here. Keep scrolling down.

The first NC Law to fall?

On my list of Laws of North Carolina That Need to Change, I might get a chance to cross one off the list. In order to buy a crossbow in North Carolina you have to have the same permit that you need to purchase a pistol! Maybe not any more.
All that needs to happen is for the Gov to sign.