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Even a blind squirrel sometimes finds a nut

Honest, I don’t read Joan Peterson’s blog. She blocked me during the Great CSGV Reasoned Discourse™ Event of 2011, so even if I wanted to, I can’t follow her on Twitter. Faitmaker, however, caught her admitting the truth on Twitter. She retweeted ShotinOhio who linked to this article
She retweeted this after all the times she stuck her fingers in her ears and ignored me when I told her that people who murder others are rarely new to crime. So here’s some proof for her, but she won’t acknowledge it. We have crooks who murder. Rather than focus on the gun, we need to focus on getting them off the street quicker and for longer times.
The article goes on at length about how terrible it is that carrying a concealed firearm is not a felony.
Since possession of a gun after committing a felony is a federal offense, what are they complaining about? Just indict the criminal federally, and send them to 5 years a long way away in the federal prison system.
But that’s too easy.

A slap and a bang

Does shooting someone because they slapped you sound like a reasonable thing to do?
Most people will agree that a slap doesn’t constitute a deadly force attack, so it isn’t appropriate to respond with deadly force. However, in certain subcultures, slapping someone is such terrible sign of disrespect that they might respond by murdering you. Subcultures like felons…

You weren’t surprised, were you?
(In order to verify full names, this article was also consulted)

A special video for Breda (*Video*)

I had a fabulous time at the LuckyGunner blogger shoot this weekend in Knoxville. Breda, of The Breda Fallacy, was unable to come to the event. She teasingly asked me to shoot up some of the free ammo for her. I thought that this was the perfect gun for the World’s Most Dangerous Librarian.
In all seriousness, this gun, the Kriss Vector, is the rifle I want for home defense. It is a .45ACP caliber short barreled rifle, and it has a suppressor attached. Due to the stupidity of US law, I will have to beg permission from the feds to own this, and pay them $200 each for the privilege of having a shoulder fired weapon with a short barrel and for the suppressor. But what a home defense gun it would be! 30 rounds of God’s Own Caliber on tap, without ripping my eardrums out.
Pull the trigger as fast and as often as necessary, and you will hit what you are aiming at. That metallic ting sound you hear when I am shooting is actually the sound of the bullets hitting a metal 5 lb propane can (empty, of course) about 10 yards away. With the EOTech sight, you basically can’t miss. The recoil is straight back, with no muzzle rise. You could hand this to a 12 year old and she’d be ripping ragged holes in her target in less than 100 rounds.
Before I shot this, I had the Kriss Vector classified as a “Lottery” gun. That is, if I won the lottery, I’d buy one. Now this gun is on my “must buy” list. In its place on the “Lottery” list is 10,000 rounds of .45ACP and about a week on the range with Reuven, the Kriss representative who showed me how to use it.

I was all set to trash the guy and then I read all the way through

Let us specify up front that if these allegations are correct, the trooper should be fired.
If that’s what he really did, then his swift and ignominious exit from the State Highway Patrol is nothing more than he deserves. At a minimum his best friend would also deserve the most severe sanctions short of dismissal.
Of course, then I read about what she did.
Um, WTF? According to the story, the trooper alternated between demanding repayment of child support and getting back together.
It sounds to me that they both deserve each other. She works for Catawba County, in the Justice Center. I think that we would do well to dismiss both of them.  

Mother of two murdered, suspect found in another county jail (*Video*)

When a 34 year old mother of twin 13 year old boys was found dead in her home, police didn’t have to search real hard to find their suspect.
It isn’t surprising to me that a person charged with murder has also been charged with other crimes recently. He was previously convicted, as well.
Can we stop feeling sorry for him for his “cognitive impairment” now and start keeping him in a secure location so that he can’t kill anyone else?

Happy Memorial Day

Today I will be driving back from the LuckyGunner shoot. I was fortunate in my 9 years of military service in that I was never in any danger that was not caused by my own stupidity. Others were not so lucky. Today we remember those who didn’t come home.

On military bases they will raise the flag this morning and lower it to half staff. Then at noon they will begin firing a slow 21 gun salute, 1 shot every minute. The last shot sounds at 12:20pm, and the flag will be raised smartly to full staff for the rest of the day.

That always struck me as just exactly right. Of course we mourn the loss of so many. But we also celebrate what they bought. We are free, the pains of war rarely affect us directly, and we are free to do as we please.

It’s a good place they have died to protect. I’m glad to live here.

Light blogging alert

I am in Knoxville at the Lucky Gunner blog shoot. I have my Droid, but no computer, so it will be difficult to blog a whole lot. I will get photos, and hopefully a video of me shooting some cool weapons.

We had dinner at a local pizza place. As is typical of gun enthusiast gatherings, everyone is really nice. Nobody looks like they sound on their blogs though. There are big names and little names here. I sat next to one guy who claimed to have 30 readers a week, and chatted with a guy who’s famous on YouTube.

It should be a really good time.

Another shooting, another felon

Another terrible gun crime in Wilmington.
So I guess that we should run out and ban guns, right? Maybe we should ban shooting people. Or being a felon in possession of a firearm. This is not his first time being accused of Assault With a Deadly Weapon Inflicting Serious Injury. Given how little time people seem to get for serious crimes around here, I’ll bet it won’t be the last time either. Last time he didn’t even get jail time for the assault.

Only the guilty ride away from the cops on a moped

Let’s set the scene. Two Fayetteville Police officer stop a guy on a moped.
During the foot chase, one of the police officers injures his knee, and the suspect escaped.
I can’t find anything in the Cumberland County Jail records, but I can find the DOC records where it shows that he was convicted of drug possession with intent to sell, a Class H felony.

He ran because he was a felon in possession of a firearm. Will someone please explain to me why we bother having all these annoying gun laws if a drug dealing felon who can’t even afford a decent getaway car has two gun in his pockets while he is still on probation?

Three months out and he’s already getting caught

It’s like the newspapers want to tell you only half of the story.
What they aren’t telling you, but could figure out as easily as I just did, is that he’s a convicted felon who was release from prison in February. So he makes it a grand total of 96 days between release and his alleged crime.
But we need to make it harder for people like you and me to get guns.
I could take the average person off the street today, give them the money, and say “Go” and they couldn’t have a NC Concealed Handgun Permit in 96 days. It’d take them longer than a week to find the training, and the Sheriff is allowed to take 90 days to make a decision. But some clown less than 100 days out of prison has a gun in his hand when he robs a local quickie mart.
It isn’t the gun, it’s the criminal holding that gun.