Concealed Carry on Campus at Carolina (*Audio*)

It’s not as bad as it could be.
Brandon acquits himself very well.
Of course, the drunken frat boy with a gun meme rears its ugly head, in this case from the mouth of UNC’s Department of Public Safety spokesman, Randy Young.
And a little “Only Ones” posturing
And of course, no story on guns would be complete without a misrepresentation of a proposed gun law, in this case, HB650
Since what the law actually does is remove the “physical or mental infirmity” part of the law that offers the Sheriff some wiggle room to make adverse judgement against you. The actual standard in Federal Law for gun ownership is “Mentally Incompetent.” As for removing the felon part, if you are a felon, you cannot touch a gun under Federal law. Getting a permit to carry something you can’t own is pretty much not an issue.
The best part of this story is that it was a radio broadcast at UNC’s campus radio. You can listen to the broadcast by clicking here.

Give it a listen. There’s a lot to like, and a lot to criticize. For instance,

Shall we discuss the difference between “prevent” and “prohibit?”
Send them a letter to the editor. Let them know what you think. Be fair, though. They didn’t even have to run the story, and they could have been horribly biased.

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