Ashley Smithwick and the Judge

Ashley Smithwick has escaped further punishment on the charge of bringing a weapon into school
The headline says she was found “not guilty.” I’m not sure what to say, except that I think that the judge is correct. We have set up a system where people get punished for simple possession of an item regardless of whether or not that person has any intent to harm others. It’s this sort of attitude that keeps the gun-grabbers in business.
Ashley Smithwick was chucked out of school for possessing a tiny little paring knife. Any punishment she deserved for having a sharp object in school was far outweighed by the punishment she actually got. There were many allegations that Ashley was a troublemaker, and that the school was better off without her. To that I say, they should have punished her for what she did, not for some stupid paring knife which wasn’t even against the law to have at school. It just made everyone look sleazy.

2 responses to “Ashley Smithwick and the Judge

  1. When she dropped off the screen for a time, I wondered how things were turning out for Smithwick. I’ve been meaning to thank you for following through on the affair.

    Which, finally, I hereby do.

  2. @GS: I think that there has been an effort on her and her family’s part to drop off the radar. I don’t blame them. And you are welcome.