Guns in Banks! Unpossible!

This is alleged to have happened a few miles down the road from me in Clayton, NC.
I say alleged because everyone knows that it is a crime to take a gun into a financial institution in North Carolina.
There’s even a sign on the door that tells you not to bring weapons into the bank. Are those signs defective? Or do they only apply to law abiding citizens?

9 responses to “Guns in Banks! Unpossible!

  1. Man ANOTHER place I can’t carry in NC?

    Gahhh you guys need to work HARDER!

  2. I know you are dude!

    You know what the difference between Massachusetts and North Carolina are?

    In NC your hard work pays off!

    Keep up the good work bub. I’m just griping because I may be in your neck in the fall, and I’m again thinking it might not be worth potential drama/crimes just to leave my gun at home.

  3. Sean, You inspired a post related to my most recent banking experience where I had to go in.

    I was surprised not to see the Texas 30.06 sign.

    I linked you in the post
    … Guns in Banks …

  4. @Weer’d: I’m just a johnny come lately to this party. The pro-rights activists in this State have been building this wave for 20 years. I’m just a guy paddling a surfboard, about to ride a wave someone else built for me. It’s staggering how much work these guys have done for so long. They really impress me.

  5. Sean,

    I am in VA, and my bank (a regional bank in NC, VA, and DE) has one of those magic “no guns” signs on the door, too. When I called the head office about it, I got to speak to their head of security. What he told me is basically this: “”concealed is concealed”, don’t flaunt it and there should be no issue”.

    I routinely ignore the sign.

    At worst, I would face a trespassing charge IF they asked me to leave and IF I refused to then comply with their request. If that request ever happens, I will walk out to the parking lot, disarm, return, and immediately close out all of my accounts. We hold economic power over them. Reminding them of that is sometimes fruitful.

  6. @Newbius: Did you make the point that the sign says “Unarmed Victims Here?” Plus, here in NC, it’s against the law, not merely a trespass violation.

    Most other locations that post a sign do not have the force of law, and are merely a warning that the owner will tell you to leave if he finds out.

  7. @Sean: Yes, I did.

    I also advised them that by posting the “no guns” sign, that the law-abiding were excluded but not the criminals (they are criminals, after all…). Further, I advised him that if I was ever injured in one of their banks while complying with their stupid sign, that the lawsuit opened at $10 Million.

    He was unimpressed, and re-iterated the “concealed is concealed” line. From my perspective, he expects the CCW holders to do what they please as long as nobody ‘scares the white people’.

  8. @Newbius: How sad. Well, at least you tried. It’s not your fault that he is so unimaginative. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him think.