A special video for Breda (*Video*)

I had a fabulous time at the LuckyGunner blogger shoot this weekend in Knoxville. Breda, of The Breda Fallacy, was unable to come to the event. She teasingly asked me to shoot up some of the free ammo for her. I thought that this was the perfect gun for the World’s Most Dangerous Librarian.
In all seriousness, this gun, the Kriss Vector, is the rifle I want for home defense. It is a .45ACP caliber short barreled rifle, and it has a suppressor attached. Due to the stupidity of US law, I will have to beg permission from the feds to own this, and pay them $200 each for the privilege of having a shoulder fired weapon with a short barrel and for the suppressor. But what a home defense gun it would be! 30 rounds of God’s Own Caliber on tap, without ripping my eardrums out.
Pull the trigger as fast and as often as necessary, and you will hit what you are aiming at. That metallic ting sound you hear when I am shooting is actually the sound of the bullets hitting a metal 5 lb propane can (empty, of course) about 10 yards away. With the EOTech sight, you basically can’t miss. The recoil is straight back, with no muzzle rise. You could hand this to a 12 year old and she’d be ripping ragged holes in her target in less than 100 rounds.
Before I shot this, I had the Kriss Vector classified as a “Lottery” gun. That is, if I won the lottery, I’d buy one. Now this gun is on my “must buy” list. In its place on the “Lottery” list is 10,000 rounds of .45ACP and about a week on the range with Reuven, the Kriss representative who showed me how to use it.

3 responses to “A special video for Breda (*Video*)

  1. Eric Dailey

    Yeah, librarians do like it nice and quite.

  2. And you were smiling ear to ear after shooting that one! 🙂

  3. I wantses it. Gives it to me. My precious.