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Back only 40 minutes and they are lying already

So it looks like the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Ownership has gotten back the keys to their Twitter account. In less than 45 minutes they’ve managed to use it in to display their ignorance of the NFA laws.
They link to a CNN story that points out what almost every gun owner knows already, that local Sheriffs will arbitrarily refuse to sign NFA forms.
The CNN story even has a BATF spokesperson lying, so I guess I shouldn’t be so hard on CSGV
They actually pay this person to speak to the public? Or is CNN misquoting her? The BATF spends something like 6 to 9 months looking at a person before they approve a transfer of an NFA item, so pretending that there is a “lack of background check” is wrong to the point of malfeasance.

Will a plea bargain rob justice from a family already robbed of a life? (*Video*)

Last September a Franklin County man was shot and killed, his shooting causing a fiery crash at a gas station. Now the DA is considering a plea bargain from First to Second Degree Murder.
I have a hard time disagreeing with the father. Especially considering that the suspect was already a convicted felon.
The only good thing that happened out of this is the actions of Jason Cox. Back when the shooting happened, Cox, a Franklin County Magistrate, happened to be working across the street. When the mortally wounded victim crashed his still moving car into a gas station, the Magistrate rushed in to save the day.
You can see him in this security camera video

Well done on the Magistrate’s part.

Here’s another who can’t seem to control himself

At a certain point you start to wonder if a person can ever be trusted in  free society.

The guy that they caught is a Habitual Felon. He’s 51, and he’s been in trouble since 1982. Maybe it’s time to just close the cell door on this one.

Second suspect arrested in Charlotte murder

You remember the guy who is accused of murdering someone only 45 days after getting out of prison, right? Well it looks like his accomplice turned himself in.
The accomplice wasn’t a felon, but he was convicted of drug and paraphernalia possession only a year ago. Now he’s facing much bigger charges.
Here’s a hint. So many of these murders are drug related. If you avoid the drugs, you might avoid the murder as well.

He can’t carry a gun, especially not there!

The Charlotte Observer would have us believe that a 17 year old is responsible for shooting another person in a park!

We all know that is impossible! First off, a person must be 21 years old to buy a pistol, and also 21 to receive a NC Concealed Handgun Permit. At 17, he’s not even old enough to legally purchase a rifle! So clearly this crime is impossible. Second, the location of the shooting is LC Coleman Park, a Mecklenburg County park. According to their rules and policies, (PDF)

So someone please explain to me how they can possibly believe that this crime has actually occurred. Of course, there is a different interpretation. It’s possible that there exist a class of people who will murder you, even if they have to break a whole bunch of laws in order to do it. Maybe it’s time to end this “no guns in parks” farce once and for all.
Oh, yeah. The accused is under 18, so there are no public records on anything criminal he might have done in the past. The victim, however, is not exactly pure as the driven snow.

Photo of the Day – Purse snatching with a side of A$$ whoopin’ edition

From the portrait department of the Cumberland County Detention Center comes this photo. 
This is what happens to you when, after robbing a lady, you shoot at her family.

Suspect in killer of Mr. No Great Loss captured

So the guy who is accused of murdering Mr. No Great Loss has been captured.
Well surprise, surprise, surprise. The alleged shooter isn’t clean himself. Drugs, Receiving Stolen Vehicle, Assault With a Deadly Weapon Inflicting Serious Injury. It’s all here.

Criminals killing criminals. Leopards don’t change their spots.

Violent crime down in Raleigh and Cary

Correlation does not imply causation
I’m not saying that this caused a drop in crime, but in June 2010, the SBI reported 195,553 active Concealed Handgun Permits in the State. As of a few weeks ago that number is now above 224,000. More concealed carriers does not necessarily mean less crime. But the fact that there is less crime and more people carrying sure busts a hole in the theory that more concealed carriers will lead to more violent crimes.
NCGV, are you listening?

Range protection passes NC Senate

SB560, the NC Sport Shooting Range Protection act has passed the NC Senate and is off to the House.
Since HB650 is still in committee, it might be a good idea to email the committee members to let them know that you would like to see it pass. GRNC makes it easy to send email to the various committee members. Check the link above to make your voice heard.

She wears one of the bullets that hit her on a necklace as a good luck charm (*Video*)

Recap from the previous post on this story, man walks into pizza place in north Raleigh, asks for the owner, and shoots him dead. Now he gets his first day in court. We already knew his convictions. We just didn’t know the rest of what he did. Now it’s all coming out.
Watch this video and tell me if you agree with the mother that had this been handled properly, he wouldn’t have been free to murder the pizza shop owner.