North Carolina Blogmeet and shooting class?

Ok, I admit it; I’m still hyped up from the LuckyGunner blogger shoot. The machine guns were fun, but the best part was meeting all the bloggers and getting a chance to hang out with you all. John Richardson, Bob Owens and I talked a bit about having a NC blogmeet. Who’s in?
I was thinking about having this in September or later in order to beat the NC Heat. We have two options. First, we could just go to a local outdoor range and have a informal shoot/BBQ/party. Second, and much better, is that we could get together and go to TigerSwan’s new training center near Fayetteville, NC. Their list price for One Day Introductory Pistol is $210. Don’t have a pistol? For an extra $130 ($340 total) they will loan you a pistol (Glock 17, I think) a holster and give you 500 rounds of 9mm. The time I took the class there were 2 instructors and 7 students.
I’ve been through their one day class before and it was well worth the money. I’ve sent them an email asking how many people we’d have to put together to have a private class. I’ve also asked them what the limit is on number of people so that we can bring wives/husbands, responsible children, gunnie friends, whatever.
My plan was to get group hotel space here in Garner, just south of central Raleigh, and drive the hour to the range on Saturday. Everybody arrive Friday night and leave on Sunday. We could reserve a room at the local Golden Trough Corral and have an open carry dinner. Sadly, until the new law passes and becomes effective 1 December, guns in restaurants that serve alcohol is still a no-no in NC. The Golden Corral in Garner is one of 3 or 4 Raleigh area restaurants we use as OC dinner locations, so they won’t even bat an eye.
So, what do you think?

9 responses to “North Carolina Blogmeet and shooting class?

  1. I’d be there. Fayettnam is about 2.5 hours away, but I’d be there.

  2. I’m in. Sept or Oct is OK. The only thing I’ve got scheduled is the Gun Rights Policy Conference on Sept 23-25.

    Any good BBQ places in Garner/Wake Co.?

    Here is an alternative if TigerSwan doesn’t work out. They are located in Carthage. Carthage is about 60 miles from Garner just outside Sanford.

  3. I like the idea, but I’m on a tight budget at the moment and I won’t have a better idea of whether I could do the class until August.

    Even if we can’t get together for a formal class, it would still be fun to get together at a range and do the informal thing you mentioned.

  4. I’d love to jump in on this.

  5. I’m game. Some other options are Range 37 ( BunnLevel, also close to Fayetteville. They are a full service range with several options for training.

    For an quick get-together, the Mrs. and I shoot weekly at a pistol-only range in South Raleigh, Personal Defense & Handgun Safety Center ( There is a gun-friendly deli just down the street too, the Hope Cafe.

    There’s another option for good, inexpensive chow in the area, the McCall’s chain. They have a very good buffet and have locations in both Clayton and Goldsboro.

    One other thing to consider. There is an Appleseed shoot in September and in October in Ramseur, NC.

  6. OK, I can uncloak for this. I’ll have to wait until the timing of it is fixed before I can issue an unequivocal answer, but I’m definitely interested in the concept.

  7. Update: Freeholder, please contact me via email.

  8. What kind of targets do you use on your range? I’ve been looking at getting myself a shoot n c. What do you think? I’ve heard they are pretty good for targets. Do you agree?