The most ridiculously useless weapon ever – Glock 18 (*Video*)

So who builds a machine gun out of a pistol?

It’s fast, furious, and pretty much uncontrollable. It converted 30 rounds of 9mm ammo into noise at an incredible speed. Even if I could own one, I wouldn’t want one. I’d just be tempted to shoot it, and I can’t afford the ammo.

6 responses to “The most ridiculously useless weapon ever – Glock 18 (*Video*)

  1. Useless yes but it did bring a big smile to your face!

  2. You say “Uncontrollable” but man your muzzle control looked pretty good from where I’m sitting.

    Great video!

  3. Legalize it anyone, some of us can afford the ammo. Time to repeal Hughes.

  4. @John: You just can’t help it. Shoot full auto – stupid grin. They go together like peas and carrots.

    @Weer’d: I was working hard to control the thing. I will give it this, if you get up close and personal with someone, it will end them. 5 shots in the chest at 1200 rounds per minute would be a fight stopper.

  5. It may be worthless, but I still want one! ^_^

  6. Entirely too much silly fun. I want one. Can’t rationalize it, but still.