More about my new favorite gun

This is a video of me the first time I ever picked up the Kriss Vector.
You can see that I spend a bit of time trying to decide where to hold the rifle. I finally decide that the best place to hold it is on the sloped front end rather than the attached vertical foregrip. You can’t reach the bolt catch/charging handle from the foregrip.
If you listen closely, you will hear Reuven calling targets for me. “Go for double tap” he says.
All you friends and family sweating over what to give me for Christmas? Well, there is this really cool gun I want. I’m just saying.

2 responses to “More about my new favorite gun

  1. Eric Dailey

    Nice shooting, you got skilz. That’s an interesting choice of weapon for home defense. You must have large fire breathing dragons in your shire.

  2. This is a very great activity to be associated to. And not too expensive hobby if ever. And definitely you are a great shooter.