I made the Urban Shooter Podcast

At the LuckyGunner blog shoot I met Kenn Blanchard, the writer of “Black Man With a Gun.” He was just one of a long list of cool people I met. Kenn is most well known for his podcast, The Urban Shooter Podcast. I have been listening to The Handgun Podcast, but that was about it. I liked Kenn so much that I decided I should start listening to his podcast too.
Kenn asked me to send him some material. Now I’ve never done any radio. I like acting on stage, but radio is a different medium. So instead of doing something original, I thought I would read Francis Scott Key’s “The Defense of Ft. McHenry.” They set it to music and sing only the first verse and call it “The Star Spangled Banner.” Kenn included it in his latest podcast.
So go give Kenn’s podcast a listen. You can stream it like you would a YouTube video, or you can download it and listen to it on your iPod, Android phone, or whatever you have.

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