Mientras tanto en paraíso a Juana Peterson*

Now if you think back to the early days of this blog, Brady Campaign Board Member Stooge and general all around whipping boy girl Joan Peterson was a frequent target of my ire. I’ve successfully ignored her at least since the Great April Fool’s Day boycott. But way back when, she posted (link omitted on purpose) about going to Spain and how great it was there because guns are so tightly regulated. How does she explain this?
But according to Joan Peterson, guns are tightly regulated and machine guns are banned! That mean that this story is
*Meanwhile in Joan Peterson Paradise.
The translation is likely a rough one due to me using Babelfish instead of asking a native Spanish Speaker.

2 responses to “Mientras tanto en paraíso a Juana Peterson*

  1. She liked Spain because guns were so tightly controlled. Where the heck does she live that she is oppressed by gun wielding miscreants? I can’t remember the last person packing a pistol on his hip that wasn’t a police officer; the vast majority of people who carry around here do it concealed. She’s just another chicken little who imagines guns everywhere like that tootsie roll commercial except with guns.

    Brian Callendar

  2. @Brian Callendar: She lives in Duluth, Minnesota.

    You’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head. She’s so heavily invested in the idea that she’s a victim because her sister got shot almost 20 years ago that she can’t abide the thought that normal people standing next to her might have guns. She has actually worked herself into a lather about an issue that is mostly just in her head.

    If you want to know more about her, look at the labels above the comments and click on the Joan Peterson is Ignorant label. She’s a treasure trove of bad logic, bald fear, and plain ignorance.