Breaking and Entering, Hoofed and Dangerous (*Video*)

Here’s your Sunday funny. Cary, the Containment Area for Relocated Yankees, is a suburb of Raleigh.

At least the Church has kept a sense of humor about their two broken windows

4 responses to “Breaking and Entering, Hoofed and Dangerous (*Video*)

  1. The video reminds me of scooby-doo with the deer going one way and then another and the adult men chasing it in and out of rooms.

  2. the Containment Area for Relocated Yankees


  3. @Borepatch: If Clan Borepatch had decided to move to Raleigh instead of Atlanta, the real estate agent would have been contractually obligated to show you three homes in Cary before reluctantly permitting you to view houses elsewhere in the area. Cary has all the things that make Northerners feel at home. The houses are too close together on too little property. There’s usually room in the driveway for one car per house, so all the rest have to go in the too narrow streets. And Cary’s filled with people from up North. I can’t honestly understand why anyone would live there, aside from the fact that it’s here in NC. Perhaps Northerners need to decompress a bit before they can move to a place where they can spread out a bit.

  4. LOL, We looked at houses in Cary only briefly online. She’s from Vermont, I’m from Maine, where else could we have moved! 😉

    BTW I hope the next sermon included “If God didn’t want us to eat animals, why’d he make them out of meat?”