A good overview of this year’s NC Second Amendment legislation

UPDATE: This Paul Valone is actually F. Paul Valone III, Civitas Intern, not F. Paul Valone II, his father and the President of GRNC. Sorry to both Pauls.

Paul Valone has an article that gives a good overview of the various pro gun bills that were introduced in North Carolina this year.

The past legislative session has been a historic victory for Second Amendment rights.  Since claiming both chambers in the North Carolina General Assembly for the first time in over a hundred years, Republicans have made significant Second Amendment advances.  Several bills have been introduced in the legislature and the most comprehensive bill, HB 650, has been signed by Gov. Perdue.
He’s not afraid to name names, either.
The actions of Representative Stamm were harmful to Second Amendment rights. We may have to explain to him that he is only there to represent us, not rule over us. If he keeps forgetting that he’s there to protect our rights, we will have to stop electing him.

2 responses to “A good overview of this year’s NC Second Amendment legislation

  1. Keep fighting for Castle Doctrine. Yesterday Tom Corbett, the new R governor of PA, signed our CD into law.

    It’s been a 7 and a half year fight to get the legislature AND a governor to work together, but we finally won back the legal protection to defend ourselves.

    You gotta apply political pressure to those “representatives” that think they know better.

    They don’t.

  2. @Anon: NC’s Castle bill was signed by the Gov as part of HB 650 last week.