Another stupid fix for a problem that is already solved

This is totally off the normal topic of guns, and North Carolina gun politics, but I read this story today and I have to offer my opinion.
The French are stupid. In addition to surrendering to basically everyone since Charles Martel defeated the Moors at the Battle of Tours, they have conducted a long term campaign to cause numbness and pain to the nether regions of bicycle riders. Yes, it’s true. That stupid diamond shaped bicycle that should have been banned as unsafe at any speed in the early 20th Century has been retained as a torture device for your private parts solely to please the world cycling federation, the UCI.
Have you noticed that no matter how high tech the bikes are in the Tour de France, they still look basically like a standard diamond frame bike? That’s because the UCI bowed to the pressure of the manufacturers of “standard” bicycles in 1934 and banned a much better solution, a pedal powered two wheeled machine that was slaughtering them in bike races. To this day, these bikes have been banned in competition.
Now we have people who can point to scientific evidence that the standard seat on a diamond frame bike causes numbness, pain, and “performance issues.”
Robert Brown is an officer in the Seattle Police Department’s bicycle patrol, which lacks the sleek machines and tight jerseys of the Tour de France. But Mr. Brown has something that could be more important to both male and female cyclists: a no-nose saddle.
Like most cyclists, Mr. Brown at first didn’t see any need to switch from the traditional saddle on the mountain bike he’d been riding full time for five years on the force. When researchers at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and Safety offered new noseless saddles intended to prevent erectile dysfunction, he quickly told his supervisor, “No problems here!”
But then, after trying the new saddle, he felt the difference. His weight rested on his pelvic bones instead of the crotch area, which formerly pressed against the saddle’s nose. During his sleep, when he wore a monitor, the measure known as “percent of time erect” increased to 28 percent from 18 percent.
Oh, wow. So they took a bike seat and cut the nose off it. This is the latest in a long line of seat modifications touted to minimize the damage caused by the unnatural and unsafe position caused by sitting on a diamond frame bike. There is a much better solution available.
As soon as you guys decide that you aren’t going to be the next Lance Armstrong, maybe you should consider riding a bike that owes its design considerations to something other than a flawed ban from a European bicycle racing governing body. And yes, you can finally have a bicycle seat that has room for your entire butt.

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  1. I’ve seen several people riding those around here; one of my friends used to ride one to and from work all the time.