Cellphone store thief captured, rats out accomplice

So on Sunday night they CMPD picked up the armed cell phone store robber. She didn’t keep her secrets to herself.
It won’t surprise you to find out that the already jailed accomplice also has a record. And not a nice one either. It looks like some drug convictions, Assault With a Deadly Weapon, and lots of Larceny.

Update: Heroin.
Wouldn’t hurt anyone? You had a gun! What were you planning on doing with that gun, conducting a symphony? In North Carolina, even now before the new Castle Law goes into effect, it’s perfectly legal to shoot a person who merely displays a firearm. If she walked into the store and showed the gun with the intent of intimidating someone, anyone in the store would be perfectly justified in shooting her dead, on the spot.
Once again we get to see that crime tends to be the exclusive province of practiced, even career, criminals. Maybe we should think about identifying those relatively few criminals and controlling them more effectively. Instead, the gun grabbers want to control us. Now if two drug saturated career felons can get weapons in order to commit armed robbery, what makes them think that taking our guns away will change that?
Oh, I forgot. Crime reduction isn’t really their goal.

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