Colin Goddard on UNC Chapel Hill’s radio

Celebrity victim, Colin Goddard, spent a few minutes speaking with Dr. Adam Goldstein and Dr. Cristy Page of WCHL’s Your Health radio show.
As is usual, he shaded the truth enough to allow the uneducated (at least about firearms) radio hosts to make some idiotic statements. The male host didn’t know that there “is this subculture of unregulated gun shows.” He went on to totally misrepresent the judge’s ruling on the VA Tech shooter.
Go and listen to the show (at least minutes 10-32, the section Colin is on) and then leave them a comment. If enough people show up and let them know that they are totally wrong, they may listen. At least they will think twice before spouting off about things they don’t understand. Ask them when they plan on having a guest on who disagrees with Colin.
I left them a comment and I am waiting for it to emerge from moderation. They need to hear from us or they will continue to air only one side of the gun-rights debate.

One response to “Colin Goddard on UNC Chapel Hill’s radio

  1. I wish you luck in changing the minds of anyone in Chapel Hill.
    My comments are still moderated, too. I’m expecting a variation on “reasoned discourse” to break out.