Mother Jones whistles past the graveyard

Now we know why the Brady Campaign exists with absolutely no grass roots support. They have a captive media willing to uncritically parrot their insane rantings.
Almost all. Though only one has made it to the Supreme Court, and McDonald won. In attempting to top the “Guns in Bars!!!111eleventy!” rhetoric, Mother Jones scribe  Stephanie Mencimer posts this entry,
Umm, no. What the law currently says is that any tin pot dictator of a town manager in North Carolina can, for basically any reason, declare a state of emergency that bans possession of a firearm outside the home. Remember those clowns in King, NC who banned guns (and alcohol sales) due to a snowstorm? Bateman v. Perdue is the case. And the litigator? Gura, Alan Gura. The same guy who beat both DC and Chicago like a drum.
If you want to read the Brady Campaign PDF, there’s a link to it on Mother Jones. I’m not linking to those clowns. I am looking forward to watching them cry when the slowly grinding wheels of justice catch up with their anti-rights agenda. Being on the wrong side of history is like that.

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