NC Concealed Handgun Permits up – Crime is down

Every time we try to remove some of the unwarranted restrictions on where and when we may carry firearms, we are warned that “blood will run in the streets.” It’s Dodge City all over again in every newspaper. Yet what happened here in North Carolina? The last official released number of active CHPs in the State was June 30, 2010, at 195,553 active Concealed Handgun Permits. The last time I got to look at the current number of permits that number had grown to over 224,000. So we should see some serious blood running in the streets, right?
Umm. Wait. Aren’t more guns supposed to lead to more crime? Aren’t more concealed carriers supposed to lead to more shootouts over parking spots?
I don’t think that criminals are turning away from crime solely because people like me carry a gun. There are probably many more factors here than the simple cause and effect. Whatever the criminals are doing, there is one certain thing about this increase in Concealed Handgun Permits. More guns haven’t led to more crime, either violent or otherwise.

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