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Visitor shoots visitors in Durham (*Video*)

Durham has finally had a shooting that doesn’t reflect badly on Durham.

The shooter, no surprise, has a bit of a record.
No word on whether any of these criminal charges were felonies or not, but clearly he was not a candidate for a Texas Concealed Handgun License.
It’s what I keep saying. The sort of people who like to settle their differences with gunfire tend to be people who have previous trouble with the law.

Drugs, guns, and conspiracy

Iredell County Sheriff’s Office has caught themselves some live ones.
I am advised that 11 grams is quite a bit. But that’s not the interesting part.
What’s interesting is this part.
Given that Suspect 1 is a felon,
How’s that gun control thing working out for you? If an ordinary felon can get a gun, then what sense does it make to impose further restrictions on law abiding people like me? It’s sort of like searching for your keys under the lamppost because that’s where the light is.

Another person that they shouldn’t have let out of jail

Some people tell you that they aren’t cut out to live in a free society. Take this guy for example.
Another thief? What’s so bad about this guy that warrants a permanent stay in the Iron Bar Motel? Check out his record. Look especially close at his record of infractions while in jail. In the space of 514 days he racked up 50 infractions while in jail! That’s more than one every 11 days. He seemed especially fond of committing “sexual acts” and disobeying orders. But he also liked to tamper with locks. But they still let him out.
Maybe he’s trying to tell us that he shouldn’t be permitted to be free ever again.

And they wonder why people don’t want to hire felons

Brunswick County’s Sheriff’s Office has captured one of the two people they believe is responsible for an armed robbery of a pizza joint.
I’m not sure what exactly constitutes a “Crime against Nature” unless he was convicted of humping a tree. But I’m sure that whatever it was I wouldn’t want it on my pizza. 

Funny, these spots don’t seem to have washed off

It takes a special kind of idiot to steal from cars in a parking lot festooned with security cameras.
Mission Hospital has cameras everywhere. My wife used to work there and tells me that stealing from a car in the parking lot is a guaranteed opportunity to appear on video. So why did he do it?
Hmm. Judging by his mug shot, he smoked all of his crack right before being arrested. What’s even more interesting, at least to me, is that he only got released from jail for his last conviction of Larceny of a Motor Vehicle in May. He wasn’t even a month out of prison before he was stealing again.
Leopards don’t change their spots.

No self control, either on the street, or afterwards

Let’s imagine that a 78 year old man blows his horn at you after you cut him off in traffic. How would you react? Ignore it? Make a wisecrack about letting old farts drive? Wave your middle finger while screaming obscenities?
First off, anyone who punches a 78 year old man out gets to go to the special hell reserved for child molesters and people who talk at the theater. Second, once you have secured your eternal damnation, SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT IT!
Ok, so we have someone who’s so stupid he punches out an old man. And then he shoots off his mouth, bragging that he’s the sort of low-life who punches out an old man. Is it surprising that he has had some close encounters of the legal kind?
One of the things that HB650 will do is change the self defense laws when in a vehicle. If a person attempts to forcibly and unlawfully enter your occupied vehicle, you can use deadly force to repel him. Hopefully our suspect has learned his lesson, because if he tries that stunt on me he had better study Penn and Teller.

In case you want to see them, here’s his DOC records.

They aren’t arguing what you think they are arguing

He’s missing the point. It isn’t his fault that he assumes that the words that come out of the mouths of the gun grabbers might bear at least a partial resemblance to the issue being debated. I’m sorry to have to burst his bubble.
It’s been said before, but when two people differ on first principles, they cannot have any profitable discussion except on those first principles. Here we have people arguing about the different actions that flow from those first principles rather than the first principles themselves.
When someone calls you paranoid for carrying a gun, they aren’t making a substantive point. They are merely calling you names. They hope that by calling you an unpleasant name, you will be shamed into conforming to their preferred behavior norms. When this happens in middle school, we would call it “peer pressure.” The important thing to remember is that they haven’t made and argument which can be refuted. They have merely said that they disagree with your choice. There’s no point in arguing with name calling, but if you absolutely must respond, try “What do I have to be paranoid about? I’m carrying a gun!”
But Sean, if they aren’t offering an argument, what are we really arguing about? We are arguing about walls. Our society is protected by pretty walls built mostly of lies that we pretend into reality. We pretend that people are nice and sweet, and that nothing bad will happen to us today. Some people are very invested in the reality of these pretty walls. Over on Blackfive, a guy named Grimm wrote a post about PTSD way back in 2007 that I think illustrates a useful point.
If you carry a gun, you’ve peeked outside those pretty walls and you’ve seen that the world isn’t pretty and it can be very violent. Some of us learned about the world outside the walls by experience, others by listening to the experience of others. It doesn’t matter how you learned, just that you know and acknowledge that danger lurks.
Grimm talked about PTSD recovery involving learning that most of those combat dangers exist permanently outside the walls of civilization. There is very little likelihood of being mortared here in urban North Carolina. But many dangers exist inside those walls of civilization that are studiously ignored by most people in society. They ignore the dangers of being mugged, or being a bystander at a convenience store robbery. When you carry a gun, you are telling them that you are concerned with dangers that they have ignored. You are telling them that you are preparing for problems that they think they don’t have. What they hear is “you are a stupid Pollyanna because you don’t bother to prepare for these dangers.”
Now you know as well as I do that none of us calls the other side stupid for failing to see. At least not to their faces. But that’s what they are hearing. Because they cannot allow themselves to believe that danger exists in their lives, they cannot endure the sight of people who prepare for that danger. Basically, either danger exists and one must prepare for it, or danger does not exist and those who prepare for it are paranoid for doing so. They are calling you paranoid because the alternative is admitting both that there is danger, and that they have not made any plans for dealing with it. When you carry a gun, and especially when you advocate for the widest possible latitude in carrying a gun, you are attacking them at a fundamental level. You are attacking their basic world view. You are telling them that they are wrong when they pretend that the world is a safe place. You are injecting fear into their world where no fear existed before. You are being a jerk, at least in their mind.
I say that it’s just too bad for them. The world can’t be made pink just so that it resembles the one they see in their rose colored glasses. It is what it is. Making rational plans to deal with rational, if rare, dangers is not paranoia. They are being cowards for not even acknowledging dangers, much less facing them. It’s not your job to acquaint them with reality. Reality will intrude on them soon enough. Don’t allow their magical thinking to stop you from exercising both your rights and your common sense.

Who’s a Sad Panda now??!!

Sad Panda alert at Brady Campaign
I can suggest a few things that Paulie can do, but none of them can be written in a blog where my mother might see them. I suggest that someone be assigned to follow him around to make sure that he doesn’t combine large quantities of alcohol and sleeping pills. This last few years has to have been hard on him.

HB 650 SIGNED!!!

Per WRAL, HB650 has been signed today by Governor Perdue
Included in that list is HB650.

Want to read HB650? Here’s a link to my HB650, What does it do? page

NCGV pulls a Reverse Wimpy

North Carolinians against Gun Violence has given up on blocking HB650. From the Raleigh News and Observer,
Awww. How sad for them. They saw that they were going to get their political backsides kicked, so they “Decided to focus on other bills” “pending next year.” This is the “Reverse-Wimpy” maneuver. Wimpy always said “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.” NCGV is saying “We’ll gladly oppose pro-rights bills next year for political donations now.”