Castle Doctrine gets fantastic treatment on TV (*Video*)

The Castle Doctrine part of HB650 got fantastic treatment in this story on WRAL. They took the time to interview Paul Valone, the President of Grass Roots North Carolina, and they basically let him present the information.
Spend some time and watch this video from WRAL.

I am massively impressed. No attempt to ridicule or belittle firearms owners. No funny camera angles or strange editing. Instead, it was a straightforward presentation of the new “rules of the road” for Castle Doctrine. If you were wondering why Paul was the President of GRNC, wonder no more. He made us firearms owners look good. He even made the TV presenter look good.

If you like the video, you might want to drop their newsroom a note telling them how much you appreciate them doing such a good job. Nothing like an atta-boy (girl, in this case) to encourage future good stories from them.

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