I give in to peer pressure

I’ve given up. I’ve gotten too many complaints about my white lettering on black background.

For those who don’t know, I am a historical re-enactor. I have a suit of armor and I fight in it.

As you can see, my shield is painted purple white and black, so I thought it would be cool to make my blog the same colors. Unfortunately, what works well in heraldry doesn’t work well in print. Well, it looks like enough people can’t read it that I’ve decided to go to a more conventional black lettering on white background. Hopefully you guys like it.


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11 responses to “I give in to peer pressure

  1. Yay! Much easier to read!

  2. Mine is white on a black background, so I was used to it. This looks good though.

  3. It’s easier for my old eyes.

  4. Much better. Thank you!

  5. Put it back. Or use a darker font. No, the other way was better. And my eyes are old(ish), too!

  6. I like it. You can still get the color scheme idea without the headaches!

  7. Thank you, Sean. Much appreciated. If you must get creative with the colors, black print on pale gray, pale green, tan or pale blue is fine. It’s the dark backgrounds that cause eye strain.

  8. Eric Dailey

    Hey, I thought it was just my idea,LOL.


  9. Wow, I didn’t know there was a pic of an XD in the upper right. Heh.

  10. @Kerry: I wish I had a good photo of the XD .45 Compact because that’s what I actually carry, but that’s as close as I could get.

  11. Hugely better!