The Governor has big white sidewall tires

I love my job. I can’t think of another job where I’d have as much fun and see so many cool things. You learn so much on this job. Sometimes what you learn is practical, sometimes, not so much.
I saw this license plate on Wednesday.

It was attached to this car.
This is the official Governor’s limo. They said it was only used for formal stuff like inaugurations. Look at them whitewall tires!

3 responses to “The Governor has big white sidewall tires

  1. Looks like she’s ready to cruise the Miracle Mile.

  2. Overheard at my house

    Me: They could never let me be Governor, because if I had to ride in that car I’d have to buy a big pimp hat and big pimp shoes

    My wife: That’s not the only reason no one would let you be Governor.

    Me: ….

  3. More like old style gangster whitewalls. Gov. Dimples as a gangster…why is it that strikes me as about right?