A strange convergence of opposite poles of the magnet

While I was wandering through a list of the bills that Governor Perdue has signed into law I ran into a Militia bill. I thought it was interesting and posted about it. Then something really interesting happened. It got linked by two different bloggers. Sebastian, from Snowflakes in Hell, and Mike Vanderboegh from Sipsey Street Irregulars.
For those who don’t see the humor in that, Sebastian seems to consider Mike to be a wild eyed revolutionary, and Mike has basically called Sebastian a suck up and a tool of the NRA.  I think that the heat has cooled over the last couple of years. Sebastian has been at great pains to explain that he doesn’t see the problem with violent resistance to tyranny, but that point seems a very long way off. And for his part, Mike seems content to occasionally repost the famous “Sebastian wearing a fur hat standing next to a cannon” photo instead of his other favorite, the NRA weenie mobile.
I think the whole thing is overblown. Philosophically I am more aligned with Mike. Tell the SOBs that if they don’t leave us alone, they risk getting shot. Warnings are only fair. It’s kind of a dick move to stay silent and then suddenly attack your own government with no warning. If you give them fair warning backed by credible force, they might change their obnoxious behavior. By the same token, I’ve met Sebastian, and I really like him personally. I think he’s moved a lot closer to my point of view on Open Carry recently, and honestly, that was my biggest difference with him.
I’ve been reading Mike for a while now, and he makes a lot of sense. What he says, if you listen to him, isn’t really all that crazy. He’s a bit over the top sometimes in the way he says things, but I enjoy that. And then CSGV has spent countless hours of Ladd’s time trying to label every activist gun owner on the planet an “insurrectionist.” Given that everyone to the right of Pol Pot is some sort of counter-revolutionary to CSGV, from their point of view Sebastian and Mike are two peas in a pod.
In the end, we have two 90% allies snarking at each other over the remaining 10%. But you’ve got to admit, having both of them independently linking the same post on NC’s Militia law is hilarious.


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