Meanwhile in Sarah Brady Colonial Paradise – Machine gunned in broad daylight edition

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Since the US State Department says this about Belize
How is it that this happened?
That makes no sense. I’ve checked out Belize’s Firearms Act (PDF) and it specifically says,
35.-(1) Subject to section 33, no person, including a gun-dealer shall own,
keep, carry, use or have in his possession any firearm or ammunition, of the
following description-
a)      rifle of 7.62 or higher calibre;
b)      revolver of .44 or higher calibre;
c)       magnum revolver of .357 calibre;
d)      sawed-off shotgun of any calibre;
e)      machine gun of any calibre.
I mean, how much more clear could the law be?
Yet it happened anyway. It just goes to show you that gun control laws only affect the law abiding. The criminals will just do whatever they want anyway. Do you really think that a person who wants to murder someone will be worried about breaking the firearms law too?


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