I want to purchase some temporary safety with your liberty

Bruce Reyes-Chow wants to share “A Few Thoughts on Liberty and Safety.” First he posts a video from the clowns at ‘Fix’ Gun Checks. And then…
Oh, be nice to me, I’m a victim.
So let me get this straight. As long it makes him feel safer, restricting the liberties of others, which in practice means the liberties of those poor and/or communities of color, actually increases liberty.
Slavery = Freedom.
We know that the majority of people murdered in the US, with or without guns, are involved in the drug trade, are murdered by people in the drug trade, or both. What sense does it do to restrict the rights of you or me?
That’s right. None at all.

I wonder if he would be so cavalier about a right if he had any intention of exercising it himself? It’s easy to give up someone else’s essential liberty.


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