Take the time to say thank you

When a Representative has done what you ask, it’s always a good thing to say thank you. Representative Hastings sponsored House Bill 650, and now it’s passed, he’s authored this guest column in his local newspaper.


I urge you to go and leave a comment for Representative Hastings letting him know how appreciative you are of his hard work to restore our rights.
Thanks to Jason Saine of the Lincoln Tribune for getting me a copy of the editorial so I can excerpt it above.

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2 responses to “Take the time to say thank you

  1. Eric Dailey

    People should know that HB650 was written by the N(R) A . It reflects the interests, and power of the N(R) A establishment executives. Some folks think the N(R) A is more interested in securing their own sweet careers than they are in your 2 A rights. It’s likely that the shortcomings of HB650 and the surprise attacks on your 2 A rights by some members of the General Assembly happened because of the usual compromises by the N(R) A of your RKBA. It’s time to blow the whistle on N(R) A career compromises. We deserve better.

  2. HB 650 did a lot of good and the dilution was due to the efforts of the anti-gunners who are certainly not NRA types. The attacks were not exactly surprising.
    I don’t know what your beef is with the NRA, but GRNC was actively involved in getting HB 650 passed as well.
    In the end, anything that helps to restore what essential liberties were traded away for temporary safety is good.