Liberty Training Rifle

Well it looks like there is no possible way my “profits” from the sale of Gunwalker T-Shirts will stretch to cover a Kriss Vector. This really isn’t a surprise. I still want a Kriss, but I won’t be able to afford it any time soon.
Instead, what do you all think about this?
This is a photo of a “Liberty Training Rifle.” It’s a Ruger 10-22 decked out with nice aperture sights plus some special mods to make it operate basically like a M1 Garand. The LTR is the “standard” practice rifle for Appleseed shoots, something I’ve wanted to go to since I first heard of them. Their home range, in Ramseur, NC, is less than an hour and a half from here. I’m thinking of going either in September or October. The October date is the weekend before the NC Blogmeet and shooting class.
The Liberty Training Rifle has
Ruger 10-22
Tech Sights
USGI sling & Sling swivels
Extended mag release
Bolt release
Recoil Buffer
None of the mods make it less useful as a .22 caliber varmint gun, so I can still use it to go rabbit hunting on my friend’s farm like he asked me to. Plus, I can use it to teach people how to shoot. Some people find rifles less intimidating than pistols. 
So what do you think?
The only problem is that I don’t have an M1 to use for the long range days at the Appleseed shoot. Does anyone want to loan me one?


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3 responses to “Liberty Training Rifle

  1. Uh-oh! The Ruger 10/22 bug has bit!

    DW and I each have one. They are great little guns. We loaned one to a friend who brought it on an approx 10 day hunting trip in Alaska under wet, cold conditions and it functioned just fine on day 1 and day 10.

    I have the short 16.5″ bbl version which actually came with good pistol-style three dot sights. I threw a Butler Creek folding stock on it and it is very compact. DW has hers scoped with a little 4x scope and a youth stock. I also want to throw a set of tech sights onto an 18″ bbl and either make an M1 look alike (there are faux carbine stocks, or you can get an old M1 carbine stock and dremel it out) or an AR look alike (knoxx stock) along with most of the other mods you’ve talked about, but can’t justify buying a third 10/22…

    You can also get into modding the guts of the rifle. There are a bunch of kits that will help you upgrade the internals. I’ve confined myself to putting in a better recoil buffer, adding an extended mag release (the original was a PITA for me to work, requiring three hands), upgrading the bolt release, and a few other things that help the ergonomics out a lot.

    I definitely like my 10/22 and would reccomend it.

  2. My son and I are going to the Rifleman course in Ramseur in November. I’ve just purchased the items to turn my 10/22 into a Liberty Training Rifle, but I now also need to purchase a 10/22 for him. The mods for my rifle topped $100. Any idea where I can buy a used 10/22 at a reasonable price to convert for him? I’d like to avoid a money pit situation.

  3. Bill,
    I don’t know anyplace that has a used 10/22 currently, but I’ve not really looked. You might want to call some local gun shops and ask around.

    I bought my 10/22 brand new and paid about $230 plus tax. You paid only $100 for the mods? Did you get the sights? They are the biggest issue, and they cost about $75 by themselves. Having taken the class, the most useful mods are the sights, the sling/sling swivels, and the trigger mod. The problem is that those are the most expensive mods, and if you’ve gone that far you might as well add the rest.

    Here’s the link to my Appleseed day

    It’s a great time. I want to go back, but I can’t make the October shoot. Maybe I should go during November.