Gay basher not properly dealt with in Asheville?

Asheville, NC is widely considered a really gay friendly place. So why did this happen?
The second person is 15 years old, so no name has been released, but the first suspect has been charged with felony Assault Inflicting Serious Injury. Not surprisingly, a person who thinks it’s appropriate to punch a guy in the face because he thinks the guy is gay is a person who seems to have a cavalier attitude about following other social norms.
What’s more disturbing is the fact that instead of arresting the suspect, he was cited and released.
In what other situation would you be able to punch a dude in the face, causing broken bones, and then walk on a “promise to appear?”
Contrast this outcome with the situation that happened in DC and reflect for a moment on the fact that in North Carolina, unlike DC, you can actually get a permit to carry. When people get together in groups for the purpose of attacking anyone, they deserve to be shot.


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2 responses to “Gay basher not properly dealt with in Asheville?

  1. What I find even more disturbing is that the responding officer never filed a report. With it being a felony assault, I have a very hard time believing that it wasn’t intentional, and motivated by anti-gay bias.

    Cops like that are one reason so many gays still don’t trust the police, and are why we have “hate crime” laws in the first place. Barring some compelling evidence in his favour, I hope he gets seriously punished – up to and including loss of employment. We don’t need – and cannot tolerate – cops that intentionally “disappear” such crimes just because they don’t like the victim.

  2. @Jake: You are right. This is shameful behavior.