Gunwalker T-Shirt Sales Reopen!

Back due to popular demand!

I have reopened the orders for Gunwalker T-Shirts. This time the window for ordering will stay open until about August 15th. This means that shirts will arrive in your hand somewhere around the first or early in the second week of September.

Other fine folks who are sporting their Gunwalker T-Shirts:

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4 responses to “Gunwalker T-Shirt Sales Reopen!

  1. I just received mine; it’s in the washer! Tonight I’ll take in the waist and sleeves, and change the neckline, but I can’t wear it til Thursday when I go to the county fair. I WILL send a picture!

  2. Sean, we’re washing ours too. Emailed you with question. Thanks! Alexis

  3. Mine came in the mail today … it is black.

  4. @PM: I sure hope so. That’s the color it’s supposed to be.