Living for 32 or Living Off 32?

Readers of this blog will know that I really like Brian Anse Patrick. I like his book, Rise of the Anti-Media, and quoted from it multiple times. Dr. Patrick decided to go and watch Colin Goddard’s “documentary” film Living for 32. Dr. Patrick, a professor at the University of Toledo, is an associate professor in their department of Communication, and he deconstructs Living for 32 as a piece of propaganda.
First he talks about Colin Goddard
This transmutation of the lead of the bullets to the gold he gets paid is why St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner Kurt Hoffman calls Colin Goddard “The Alchemist.”
He also talks a bit about his theory that people who favor gun control actually favor a regime of administrative control of society, one where experts manage most aspects of life instead of accepting that individuals have choices.
Read the whole thing. As a Professor of Communication, he often uses big words, but the concepts are fairly easy to understand. He’s just using all those fancy words so that the opposition knows that he’s on to them. They can’t pretend that he’s too stupid to understand what they are doing if he uses their own language back at them.


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One response to “Living for 32 or Living Off 32?

  1. So the secret ingredient for turning lead into gold is blood…who’da thunk it?