In the Mail: Revision Sawfly ballistic specs

Today I received a pair of Revision Sawfly ballistic shooting glasses.
I always get a headache when I wear both shooting glasses and earmuffs. Revision sent me this pair to show me that they have solved the problem by making the legs thin enough to take the pressure off my head. They even supplied the corrective lens inserts so now I don’t have to try to wear shooting glasses over regular glasses.

I’ll be giving these ballistic glasses a real workout at the Blogmeet and shooting class. If I can make it 8 hours on the range without searing pain, I’ll be a happy man.
I will sit down and do an interim review as soon as I get a little time. First impressions? They are comfortable, and with my new corrective lenses (Revision will fill your prescription for only $100) I can see great! I took them to the local blacksmith’s “Forge Night” tonight and wore them with my Leight earmuffs and was really happy with them both together.


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