Remember what I said? Why isn’t the mom being charged?

I posted about this already. To recap, mom, on probation for a felony drug conviction left her baby with her sex offender boyfriend.
 Well it looks like the mom will be charged in the  case after all.
But it gets MUCH worse
FELONY child abuse? For leaving the kid alone with a sex offender? Why?
The child was two, had a infected broken leg that wasn’t properly set and had MRSA. To recap once more, here are their records.

Under the jail. Tied to the bumper of a cross town bus and dragged to their deaths as a warning to others. I can’t think of a punishment bad enough for this.
But at least it wasn’t a “Gun Death” which means that the gun grabbers don’t care about it. I’m sure that the child was happy that it was suffering and dying with a broken leg and MRSA rather than getting shot.


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