If you want to know how people on drugs act

A normal person would get an injured baby treated. A normal person would not allow a child to suffer in this way.
If you have the stomach for it, go here and listen to the 911 call. The baby had boils on her forehead. The baby “split herself” “down there” when she slipped getting out of the tub. It’s as ugly a situation as you can possibly imagine. And for what?
Read the whole thing. It defies description. This is as vile a crime as I can conceive of. I have no children and probably never will have. She had a child and would rather have taken drugs than properly care for her.
I stand by what I said. Tie the both of them to a cross town bus and drag them to their deaths as an object lesson to others.


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One response to “If you want to know how people on drugs act

  1. Just when you thought that the story couldn’t get any worse, now the cops are investigating to see if the child was sexually assaulted.


    I am at a loss to express my disgust. Let us hope that whatever other indignities she suffered, she didn’t get sexual assaulted too.